Analysis of the Triangle Offense

Written by Author and former Coach Jack Temple, this book covers the concepts of basketball’s triangle offense as made famous by the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. The book also provides two simplified triangle basketball offensive systems as used by Coach Temple.

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About The Book

A unique feature of this book is that the ideas presented are beneficial to coaches from the junior high level to the college and professional levels. The full package triangle offense is for the more advanced levels of play. The modified triangle offenses that I have reviewed are primarily for the junior high and high school levels. 

The Triangle Offense has been given a great deal of attention by the sports media because of the tremendous success of the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, who have both used this offense. The assistant coach, Tex Winter, formerly with the Bulls and Lakers is generally considered to be the architect of the Triangle Offense. The Bulls won SIX NBA Championships and the Lakers several championships using the Triangle Offense.

“Your Analysis of the Triangle Offense should be published, as it will help many younger coaches develop a definitive system of basketball.” – Tex Winter, Architect of the Triangle Offense

What’s inside


How Triangle Offense Works


Forming the Triangle


Basic Continuity Pattern


Six Components


Simplified Versions of Triangle


Press Offenses and More

Chapter 1 Excerpt

The Triangle Offense is a single post offense with a 2-3 offensive aligment. This offense has been in existence for many years and has been used successfully by many coaches. 

The Triangle Offense has added some new wrinkles to the single post offense used successfully by many teams. The offense features a continuity pattern with many free-lance options being available from the pattern. This offense is very flexible and allows the players to be moved into different positions on the floor to exploit their special talents. Quite often the Chicago Bulls moved their great player into the post to utilize his tremendous talent at this position. 




The original copy of the book is setup for coaches. It’s easy to read and binded with spiral binding that you can easily fold and access while researching and coaching.

About the author

Author and former Coach Jack Temple obtained his first teaching and coaching position in the Johnston County, NC school system at Meadow High School for the 1955-56 school year. After a brief stint in Laurinburg, NC Jack returned to take the head basketball coaching job at Smithfield High School from 1957-65. 

“One might wonder what prompted me to write this book after being out of coaching for so many years. I thought it would be interesting to write a book that might be helpful to coaches at all levels. Another factor was the similarities of some of the plays run by the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers to the triangle concepts I employed with my teams at Meadow High and Smithfield High School.”

Jack Temple

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